The chair lift

The chair lift (that connects Anacapri to Monte Solaro) is a tiny jewel with a 70 years history. It’s, maybe, less famous than the funicular railway of Capri (that arrives to the main square), but it’s not less beautiful. This chair lift has the advantage to lead the tourists to the summit of Monte Solaro. From here, people can overlook a breath-taking view, one of the best place in Capri. On the wooden seats, tourists from all over the world, reached Monte Solaro in 13 minutes through an ascent breath-taking. The chair lift’s slow-going allows to feel cradled and suspended between sky and sea. People who has taken the chair lift, always remember the sensation to fly on a dreamy landscape. An unforgettable experience.

A bit of story

The chair lift was built in 50’s, thanks to the willing of the engineer Francesco Uliscia. He discovered the summit of the mountain with his wife, during a hike on the island. They was astonished by that breathless “discovered” place. So mr. Uliscia wished that everyone could see it. He created the chair lift single-seater, the only way to climb the rocky wall of the mountain.

Over the years, the chair lift was renovated and updated to the recent safety standards. However, aesthetically preserved the charm of the past: the vintage look surrounded some places in Capri, among which this one.

Francesco Uliscia’s descendants continue, proudly, to host thousands people each year, according to Francesco, Anacapri’s residents and tourists’ dream.

How it works

  • The Monte Solaro’s chair lift is a ski lift single-seater through which our guests are accompanied to have a seat by our specialized staff. They reach slow-going the terminal station of Monte Solaro. Here, they are welcomed by our staff that facilitate the descent and the tour starts in this wonderful place.
  • Ascent with the chair lift: 13 minutes with a reduced velocity that allows to appreciate the view and enjoy a romantic trail, safety, on the west side of the island. They can see Naples gulf, Ischia and Procida.
  • Let softly cradled by our chair lift because what you will see on the summit, will take your breath away.
  • Once you have finished your stay in Monte Solaro, you can decide to descent to the valley choosing among several paths between lush flora by foot or take again the chair lift to return to the starting point. You’ll arrive to Vittoria Square, the core of Anacapri.
  • During the tour, eating or drinking is not allowed. According to the technical standards, your seat will ensure you the safety and the great emotion.


Monte Solaro is opened all year around, instead transportation by chairlift is interrupted because of maintenance activities for a period of 20 days between January and February.

Monte Solaro’s tour by chair lift, following times:
May – October 9.30- 17.00
March – April 9.30- 16.00
November – February 9.30- 15.30

Monte Solaro’s tour applies the following charges:
Round trip € 12
One-way trip € 9