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Capri, August 15th on the blue island from Monte (Solaro) to the sea

Capri, August 15th on the blue island from Monte (Solaro) to the sea

The festivities of Ferragosto in Capri began as early as sunset, the forerunner was the Canzone del Cielo, on the belvedere of the restaurant, lunch bar, on the highest point of the island, 589 in height, so much is the summit that has been defined the most beautiful mountain in Italy, from tripadvisor, which awarded it the prestigious title for 2 consecutive years, 2021-2022. A mix of audiences, including foreigners, Italians, and young people who wanted to experience an almost sensorial experience, in the green of the summit with the scenery of the blue sea seen from above, and the sun plunging into the sea behind Ischia. With live music, jazz music, which gave a touch of magic to the sunset cocktail, accompanied by the jazz notes of the band, surrounded by the sunset scenario, enjoying the typical dishes of Capri cuisine..https://www.ilmattino.it/napolismart/in_evidenza/capri_ferragosto_on_isola_azzurra_monte_al_mare-6873582.html

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