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Monte Solaro There is a place in Italy where you can catch the clouds

There is a place in Italy where you can catch the clouds...

With its 589 meters of height, Monte Solaro is the highest peak on the island of Capri. And this is where you can touch and catch the clouds. It is a surprising, adrenaline-pumping and unique sensation, the one we experience when we find ourselves in front of the beauties of the world we inhabit. Emotions amplified even more by the high altitude, by the strategic position of those panoramic points that allow us to observe cities, villages and towns.Lifts that soar towards the sky, uphill paths and steep stairways that take us directly there, among the blue of the sky, suspended in midair. These are some of the experiences we are looking for when we travel, to admire the destinations we have chosen from another perspective. And we don't have to fly to the other side of the world to experience an adventure like this because even our beautiful country can give us breathtaking views from above. Like those that reveal themselves before the eyes of salt on the top of the Cloud Catcher, the mountain that dominates the island of Capri from which it is possible to touch the clouds. Welcome to the Cloud Catcher. Its official name is Monte Solaro and with its height of 589 meters it is the highest peak on the island of Capri.From the terraces on the mountain it is possible to admire the whole island from above. From the houses leaning against each other to those wonderful stacks that emerge from the water and soar towards the sky, until you reach the Sorrento Peninsula, the Li Galli archipelago and even the Gulf of Naples with your eyes.All around, however, a luxuriant and luxuriant vegetation that covers the limestone rock, and which includes many flora species such as broom, myrtle, holm oak, laurel and anemones. And it is always here, on the highest point of the island, that you experience the extraordinary sensation of touching the sky with a finger, of catching the clouds. The nickname given to Monte Solaro, moreover, refers to its position, but also to another suggestive phenomenon that occurs here at certain times of the day.Due to the strong temperature changes that exist between the mountain and the sea, when the hot air rises from below it creates condensation, a cloud of steam that embraces the whole mountain and makes the visit even more impressive. The most beautiful view in Italy.Reaching the top of Monte Solaro is an experience that leaves you breathless. There are two options to get here, and both guarantee an extraordinary adventure.The first involves an excursion on foot from Piazza della Pace from Anacapri. From here, in fact, an uphill and well signposted path starts. Crossing the nature, vineyards and crops of the area, you can reach the top in about an hour.The second option to reach Monte Solaro, on the other hand, is a crossing suspended between sky and sea. Thanks to the Anacapri-Monte Solaro chairlift, departing from Piazza Vittoria, you can reach the terraces of the massif in 12 minutes. From here, of course, the view is guaranteed.Once you get to the top the vision is sublime, but look around because Monte Solaro is full of wonders.Shortly before reaching the top, in fact, we find the Barbarossa Castle, a fortress dating back to the 10th century built to control the gulfs of Naples and Salerno. The name of the building, on the other hand, refers to the period of conquest of Capri by Kair-ed-Din, also known as Barbarossa.Coming down from Monte Solaro, a detour to the village of Cetrella is almost a must. It will be he himself who will draw your attention with that lemon smell given off by the grass that grows in the area, the same one that gave it its name. Once you get here, don't forget to visit the hermitage set in a small valley overlooking the sea. https://siviaggia.it/posti-incredibili/acchiappanuvole-capri/370194/

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