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Trekking holidays on Monte Solaro

In autumn Anacapri points to the Green: trekking holidays on Monte Solaro

Anacapri tends towards the green, and in Monte Solaro, which dominates the entire island reaching a height of 589 meters, this year will also be on holiday in autumn. A proposal for alternative tourism to the summer one that includes walks in the green, paths between hidden and unknown itineraries, in the spontaneous Caprese flora that grows on the mountain such as myrtle, strawberry tree, cyclamen and hundreds of the most unknown tree species.
After the recognition obtained by TripAdvisors, such as the 2021 Traveller's Choice, Monte Solaro continues with its autumn initiatives where nature will be the only protagonist to allow nature lovers to climb along the sides that go from Cetrella to Migliera. Obviously on the top of the mountain a base camp will be set up for a stop on the terrace of the Canzone del Cielo with a refreshment area, briefing room, panoramic observatory, weather station and guided excursions, in addition, a series of services that will be intended for those tourists who choose Monte Solaro to admire the island from above and dedicate themselves to trekking, relaxation and well-being immersed in the Capri nature.

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