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About us

We have combined our professionalism and experience to welcome all those who visit Monte Solaro every day in a unique context in the world, including breathtaking views, natural beauty, history, art, traditions, music, flavors, relaxation and much more. The burden of guarding and safeguarding this place is offset every day by the enthusiasm of all those who admire the spectacular natural setting for the first time with an ecstatic gaze.

So it began ..

Monte Solaro with its 589 is the highest peak in Capri and stands on a rock wall that represents an incredible natural terrace from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view. The settlement was the work of the engineer Francesco Uliscia who had discovered the summit with his wife during an excursion on the island.

and then came the chairlift ..

Eng. Francesco was so impressed by the beauty of the place that he decided to devise a system to make it accessible to everyone. The choice fell on a classic ski lift such as a single-seater chairlift; the only way to climb the rock wall of Monte. The Monte Solaro chairlift is a single-seater ski lift through which passengers, assisted by specialized personnel, are accompanied to take their seats on the individual seats that slowly reach the arrival station in Monte Solaro. Over the years the chairlift has been modernized and updated to the most rigorous and recent safety standards. However, its exterior has retained the charm of the past, that vintage flavor that surrounds many places in Capri and that have fascinated generations of travelers.

and the panoramic terrace ...

On the top of Monte Solaro, on the remains of an old watchtower, a splendid panoramic terrace has taken shape from which you can enjoy an incomparable spectacle around the horizon over the Gulf of Naples. Over the years the place has been visited by millions of people for a walk along the top, an aperitif at sunset or a tasty lunch in the bistro. Many have made it the stage for a special occasion asking for its availability for a private event.

Monte Solaro today, not just views ...

Today Monte Solaro is many things. It continues to be certainly a place from which to admire one of the most beautiful views in the world. But it is also the stage for themed or private events, a welcoming bistro for aperitifs and lunches and in general a place to be included in the program of places to visit during your holiday on the beautiful island of Capri. A special mention deserves the aperitif at sunset which in recent times is becoming an appointment that, once experienced, it is difficult to give up ...

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