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The sunsets from Monte Solaro Capri

The sunset on Monte Solaro, the terrace of Capri, is considered one of the most beautiful natural spectacles of the island. Tourists from all over the world, nature lovers as well as Capri residents themselves, all consider the sunset viewd from the natural terrace of Monte Solaro as one of the experiences not to be missed when visiting the island.

The terrace at sunset

Monte Solaro is also called the "Terrace of Capri" and at sunset you can enjoy a breathtaking view 360° over the horizon the Gulf of Naples and the islands. It is an unmissable event during your trip to Capri.

The aperitif at sunset

In Capri there are many places to enjoy an aperitif immersed in an enchanting setting. But Monte Solaro the "Terrace of Capri" is undoubtedly one of the most evocative. Admiring the sun that plunges behind the horizon between the islands of the Gulf of Naples is an unmissable natural spectacle.
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