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The nature of Monte Solaro

In addition to the chairlift there are several paths to and from Monte Solaro that allow those who walk along the limestone walls of Capri to enjoy unforgettable views. At the many playful and "tasty" activities, nature enthusiasts can combine trekking activities with or without a guide.

An alternative to the chairlift

The walking routes are a charming alternative to the chairlift. Wolkiing means being surrounded by nature and during the paths we dedicate ourselves to the observation of local flora and fauna. Capri and Monte Solaro in particular are famous for hosting its own ecosystem with species of plants and animals that are difficult to admire elsewhere as the famous blue lizard. An advice? Go up with the chairlift, go a little time on the mountain and then reside on foot: you have full of emotions and experiences!


The recommended and most fascinating trails are:
  • from Anacapri to Monte Solaro
  • from Monte Solaro to the Eremo di Cetrella
  • from Monte Solaro to the Migliera
  • from Monte Solaro to Passetiello
  • from Monte Solaro to Anginola (difficult routes for experts with climbing with chains)

Tour to Monte Solaro

The climb to the mountain, the archaeological sites in the surroundings, the flora and fauna. There are all the ingredients for a perfect and certainly unforgettable excursion.
Our itineraries start every day at 10:30 and 14:30 from the chairlift to Monte Solaro.
It starts when you reach at least four people and touch some of the symbolic places of the island of Capri such as Monte Solaro, the Hermitage of S. Maria a Cetrella and the famous Casa Mackenzie. The tour ends in Anacapri.

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