Monte Solaro si a well-known destination for who wish to go shopping and bring a Capri’s souvenir back home worthy of the beauty enjoyed on the island. According to the island and Monte Solaro’s traditions we decide to rebuilt in the most suggestive place- an ancient tower- in a small shop. It was built on the summit of Monte Solaro for military aims during Napoleonic wars and today it is available to who want to choose between unique products that our land offers and love it. In our shop you can find all symbolic products that made famous Capri all over the world. You will find out the famous island perfume and the well-known sandals. They are the result of our people handmade wisdom and more than accessories and souvenir that will talk you about Capri and Monte Solaro when you will come back home. These places plenty of poetry will belong to your best memories, ready to be relived. Yes, because when you climb the Monte Solaro something special lasts in people mind, in their hearts, forever.

Il fortino di Bruto: the boutique history of Monte Solaro

Since ancient times, in Capri was built watchtowers to control the strait between Capri and Sorrento peninsula, the only passage for ships that navigated in this section of sea. In 50’s, one of these ancient towers’ ruins was used to the whole reconstruction of the building. The tower’s position, well-known as “Fortino di Bruto”, is strategic: built during napoleonic wars overhang on the south of the island and on a breath-taking rocky wall. It overlooks all the south-east coast of the island and from its walls you can appreciate the Faraglioni, the Amalfi coast and in libeccio day you can see, also, Cilento coasts.

In the last decades, the tower war renovated externally, according to the same style of the old watchtowers. Instead, the interior was refined with a precious floor made by ancient Vietri’s ceramics. The real jewel is the balcony that allows to see the panorama all around. That’s one of the reason of hundreds of people visiting, each year.

Once, it was also a residence and a small shop of cloth and caprese jewels of Francesco Uliscia’s daughters (Marcella and Anna Maria). Anna Maria knows very funny anecdotes and old stories about this magic place. To celebrate the old tradition, today the tower remains a fascinating place in which we can find a small photographic museum about places and the boutique (with typical island products, parfumes, sandals and bags used in 60’s and bought by VIP). All this to say thank all people who gave it value.