Renovating this historical refreshment place from which, seated under the pergola, you can see today as yesterday the entire Capri’s island, the sea and Amalfi coast. In the background, we thought to a Bistrot, that quietly allows our guests to relieved the view, the perfume and the old-fashioned tastes in a modern way, according to Capri’s traditions.

 A place, where you can taste a special coffee, thanks to Caffè Vergnano featuring, combined to the famous torta caprese or to an abundant snack handmade with our local products. Maybe the most delicious and satisfying snack you will ever eat. Because up here everything has another meaning…and another taste. The poem and light air come over everything and what elsewhere could be a “simple” break and relax, here becomes magic, experience and happy memory.

We don’t have just an amazing view: our bistrot offers selected products with unique taste. A great explosion of the best italian culinary tradition. But, if you don’t prefer the bistrot table, you can walk around the balconies of Monte Solaro and you can choose between our Juice Bar, a corner dedicated to slushes and juice extracts that you can taste walking among belvedere.

If you came to Monte Solaro for a Breakfast, a Brunch, an afternoon Tea or for an unforgettable Cocktail at the sunset, our bistrot is created to give you a break that a daydream trip deserves.

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La canzone del cielo
70 years history

The bistrot is on the summit of Monte Solaro. It born in the 50’s along with the chair lift, with the name of “ Bar- La canzone del cielo”, in honor of the wonderful view you can see all around its tables where that song is a sweet symphony that the nature covers.

The engineer Francesco Uliscia had the idea to allow everybody to enjoy of the beauty of this place. He is an authentic dreamer and expert of the island. He was inspired to built a means of transportation, the chair lift, that let to reach Monte Solaro and to make it easy and safe with several balconies and belvedere’s project. This is considered one of the most beautiful place in the world.